How Negative Attention Can be a Good Thing

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
September 5, 2012

Kat / Vertical Axion


It’s hard to always look on the positive side of things, especially when you’re a small business and a couple of customers are dissatisfied with your services. One or two negative reviews can make a huge impact, especially if you are still working on growing. The truth of it, especially on the Internet, is that haters are gonna hate. When you do something, or change something, not everyone is going to agree with your decision. People all look at the world in different ways, and that’s okay. But how in the world can people who disagree with your tactics be good for your business? Read on to find out.

Backlinks are Good, No Matter From What Source

People all tend to blog the same thing at the same time when they are in a particular niche. If you see a post about Facebook likes one day, it’s likely you’ll see a dozen more the next. If you aren’t doing the same thing and you’re presenting original, creative advice, you’ll get some attention – and some of it will be negative. This will be the beginning of several forum posts about you, and all of them will link back to your text and quote the things that you said.

Just because someone is linking to one of your blogs because they hate it doesn’t mean that Google doesn’t count that backlink as a good thing. The people who are posting your content, even if they’re just bashing it, are bringing credibility and authority your way. Remember when we said that not everyone agrees? People are going to read your post and some are going to think you are right, and suddenly you have more positive traffic to your website.

Anti-Branding is Almost as Good as Branding

When you have a few people who are bad mouthing your content and bringing the name of your business into a lot of conversations, you may automatically think that’s a bad thing. But it’s not necessarily. If your posts are good and based on solid reasoning, and people like what you have to say, then your greatest critics may have just exposed your brand to the world for all to see. And no matter how much they badmouth you, when people come to your blog, they see good things.

This creates a whole chain reaction of positive associations with your company. You didn’t even have to spend any money on promotion – your quality content is doing all of the talking for you.

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