Postini Replacement: Roaring Penguin Software

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
September 4, 2012

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

Important News for MSPs offering Postini – Now is the time for a great Postini replacement solution from Roaring Penguin before it is too late.

You may have heard that beginning in 2013, Google will completely phase out its Postini services in favor of Google Apps. Customers will have a choice between Google Apps for Business, which provides a collection of hosted email, calendar and collaboration services, or Google Apps Vault, which provides archiving and discovery services for email. This move is a way for Google to get customers for Google Apps without having to work for them.

Fortunately, Postini isn’t the only game in town. Since those who are already using Postini have 60 days to make the transition to one of the Google Apps offerings, my colleague Bill White is offering current Postini users an alternative that I fully support:  Roaring Penguin’s CanIt offering.

With CanIt, managed IT services providers (MSP) can offer their clients cost-effective hosted anti-spam protection and get extra benefits such as

  • The ability to reach live technical support by phone or email
  • Features like anomaly detection, which helps you detect and correct backend server and network problems; 30-day backup of your clients’ email; and rebranding
  • Roaring Penguin never collects information from email messages relayed through hosted CanIt servers and never crawls through emails to determine where to place ads for partners and other vendors. Google can’t offer the same guarantee.

Let’s face it. MSPs are in business to make money. They can’t make money by offering their clients Postini, and they won’t be able to make money by offering Google Apps services either. Roaring Penguin’s CanIt offering is the better solution for both MSPs and their clients.

Check out Roaring Penguin’s Postini alternative offering here.

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