IT Principals confrontation with BYOD policies may be inevitable

By VAR_Staffing
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September 4, 2012

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

Many organizations are looking to implement new technology. As devices and software continue to advance, the benefits of integrating these solutions becomes harder to ignore. Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies are spreading and more employees are using smartphones and tablets for personal and professional uses.

The added influence of technology has IT Principals in a corner. While coupling the latest gadgets and programs with everyday business strategy has many benefits, there is also a breadth of IT challenges that go along with it. IT decision-makers need to have reliable resources to turn to if these obstacles become complicated.

A whitepaper released by the wireless network provider Xirrus believes the BYOD trends are here to stay.

"Only a short time ago, standard corporate issue was a laptop and a business-focused smartphone such as a Blackberry," the white paper says. "Today, it is a laptop, full-featured smartphone and increasingly a tablet that is coming to work – in some cases tripling the number of wireless devices communicating on the network."

Furthermore, a study conducted by communications trend research firm Evercore Partners found that mobile adoption nearly doubled over the course of one year. According to the report, in June of 2010, smartphones and tablets represented 35 percent of Wi-Fi usage. A year later that number rose to 67 percent. Laptops accounted for the remaining percentage.

It seems clear that mobile device influence may just be getting started. IT Principals need to ensure they have access to reliable VARs and Integrators. Having a strategy and the impactful talent to carry it out is the best way to combat new challenges.

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