There are huge opportunities in the cloud!

By Stuart_R_Crawford
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August 31, 2012

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

Microsoft CRM Consultants discover new opportunities working with Canada’s leading Microsoft CRM multitenant hosting company ITUtility.NET, which helps managed services partners, IT resellers and end clients to maximize cloud-based technology opportunities.

The relationship between Ready BMS president Nick Doelman and ITUtility.NET™ dates back to long before the cloud was mainstream terminology used in Canadian businesses. Born out of an idea to help deliver the latest technology to businesses in Canada, Doelman reached out to ITUtility.NET President, Marc-Henri Lauzon, for advice on where to turn and how to get started as a pioneer in the customer relationship management (CRM) hosting market.

Together Ready BMS and ITUtility.NET began offering Microsoft® CRM services in a hosted environment and rapidly developed the solution as a leading Microsoft CRM powerhouse in Canada, delivering Microsoft hosted CRM solutions across the country.

Ready BMS works with IT consulting firms, business analysts and end clients nationwide from their main offices in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. A team of technical experts marketing for CRM opportunities is not an approach the team at Ready BMS actively uses.

“We do work with direct customers when they fall in our lap,” said Doelman, “but we would rather be a resource to another consulting company in need of Microsoft CRM expertise”.

Why Partner with ITUtility.NET?

Ready BMS chose ITUtility.NET as its trusted Microsoft cloud hosting partner for a few key reasons. When compared to the Microsoft CRM Online offering and discussions around the cloud, government organizations or government-funded associations want a hosting provider that hosts data exclusively in Canada. Once the data is hosted in the United States, it becomes subject to the US Patriot Act, prompting a wide range of questions and concerns. Many organizations are not doing anything nefarious but are mainly concerned with their client-information privacy. Referencing Redmond, WA in proposals triggers an automatic NO.

The ITUtility.NET data centers are located in Ottawa. Government agencies and businesses in Canada are increasingly comfortable with the idea of keeping business-related information within Canadian borders.

The other main reason why Ready BMS elects to work with ITUtility.NET as a trusted Microsoft hosting company is the associated cost savings a Microsoft CRM cloud-hosted solution offers compared with having the same technologies deployed on premises. For many Canadian businesses there is a significant hardware and software investment that needs to be made. In addition, dealing with on-premises installations of Microsoft CRM can add a high amount of stress and grief during the installation and even throughout the support engagement.

“Look, we can get you up and running in CRM in a matter of days, and you only pay for what you use,” said Doelman. “If someone joins the company or even leaves, the license count is adjusted each month”.

Hosting solutions convert CRM from a capital cost to an administrative expense. Using CRM in this manner has opened many doors for the team at Ready BMS.

Unparalleled Support

Working with ITUtility.NET provides support options that many larger hosting companies can only dream about. With ITUtility.NET, “I can reach someone at odd hours if I need to,” said Doelman.

Support is not always technical with ITUtility.NET; they also provide marketing and sales support for all partners and will help each partner close any deal or work through a complex RFP process. Because ITUtility.NET only works with channel partners, end-client information is safe, and there is no threat of any deal going direct.

ITUtility.NET also provides a wide range of support services for Microsoft CRM. Ready BMS enjoys the flexibility offered in the Microsoft CRM offering from ITUtility.NET, which enables Doelman’s team to customize the hosted CRM offering with assistance from ITUtility.NET, something that cannot be easily done with Microsoft CRM Online.

The Revenue Opportunity

Ready BMS carefully reviewed the revenue opportunity between Microsoft CRM Online, which runs at $51 CAD per user each month, compared with the services Doelman’s firm receives from Microsoft CRM hosting partner ITUtility.NET. ITUtility.NET allows Ready BMS to make a healthy margin per user each month.

“This is just another example of how to leverage a trusted partner and add monthly recurring revenue to our top line,” Doelman said. “In addition, we can easily scale our services without adding any additional service personnel”

In addition to the monthly recurring revenue from the hosting services, Ready BMS realizes the revenue opportunities through CRM consulting engagement projects that typically range from a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on the business requirements. CRM is not like Microsoft Exchange, where you go in and set up the service. Microsoft CRM offers a longer term engagement where you continually help clients improve their internal efficiencies and productivity.

“Our best customers are the ones who keep giving us that recurring revenue. They keep dreaming up new applications for Microsoft CRM,” said Doelman.

New Opportunities Show Themselves

Ready BMS is growing as a business from its commitment to the Microsoft CRM platform and through its partnership with ITUtility.NET. Today, Ready BMS is able to leverage Microsoft CRM to provide donation management systems for Canadian non-profit organizations’ grant management and provide companies a platform to manage RFPs.

Ready BMS practices what it preaches, using Microsoft CRM in the ITUtility.NET cloud service to manage its own projects, track time and bill clients.


Ready BMS and ITUtility.NET are the perfect combination for Canadian businesses and their IT providers to leverage Microsoft CRM in the cloud.

Canadian organizations are using Microsoft services such as Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint® today. These platforms perform well together and introducing Canadian businesses to Microsoft CRM creates new opportunities for solutions resulting from the tight integration of these three products.

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