Changing the face of the cloud

By Sonian
In Channel
August 31, 2012

Kayla Krause / Sonian

Technology is always moving forward, no matter how much individuals may want to maintain current operating procedures. The very essence of the cloud is that of a mercurial body, something mutable that corporations must adapt to, as opposed to the other way around. Cloud archiving solutions are therefore essential for keeping ahead of these trends.

Many companies have a;ready acknowledged this shift and taken it to heart, as CloudTweaks recently pointed out. Entities like Amazon and Apple have noticed cloud adoption and, taking it in stride with legal implications, found ways to work it into cloud archiving systems that allow businesses and individuals alike to benefit from inclusive, high-end tools.

These programs will soon become the norm, according to Cloud Pro, making it necessary for all providers and businesses to comply with, if not outshine, these basic uses. Now that many are on the same page with cloud archiving and other storage methods, vendors must find new and creative ways to make the most of technology trends in order to entice clients. This will spell cost savings and increased productivity for companies savvy enough to cash in on innovation.

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