The Secret to Effective SEO Practices

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
August 25, 2012

Kat / Vertical Axion


As a small business owner, you might think the secret to getting sales has everything to do with SEO. And you’re right to an extent. Appealing to search engines will improve your ranking and you’ll start seeing more traffic come to your site. Even if your site isn’t pretty and doesn’t appeal to the average visitor, they will come because you’re on the first page when a potential customer searches for someone with your expertise.

So that’s it, right? Build a site, work the system, and you’re done? Not exactly.

Google has been fighting against people who do this for years. They’re constantly coming out with counter-measures to let all of the SEO-oriented websites know that they have no place on the front page. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t employ SEO tactics; they’re just not enough all on their own.

In essence, SEO tactics are just common-sense practices. Of course you want your website to be crawlable. Of course you want to orient your content towards people in your area. Of course you want other sites to link back to your blog because they appreciate your advice. And, most importantly, of course you want readable content that will convert your visitor into a customer.

Seems pretty easy, right? Focus your website on the customer. Write content they want to consume. Don’t flood your content with keywords. The reason Google fights so hard against SEO-oriented sites is because they’re not organic, and they’re not well-written. Most of the time, they’re a waste of space and they’re standing between quality services (what you have to offer) and a customer. They’ve gotten to the top by spamming links everywhere and posting poor quality blogs and content because its “unique,” but they don’t really offer any value to the customer. In value there is everything.

It may be a big temptation for your company to try out these techniques. But when you want conversions and not just traffic, the best thing you can do for your audience is create a quality website with good content and exceptional customer service. Sure, you should be updating a blog and keywording your content lightly. But you want there to be something of substance for your customers once they actually get to your site. Create something awesome, respond to your market, and keep your ears open to gain customers.

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