Outsourcing becoming ‘business imperative’ for IT Principals

By VAR_Staffing
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August 24, 2012

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For some outsiders, "IT outsourcing" is a dirty phrase. IT Principals today, however, are not shying away from the practice and, in many cases, are embracing it. Solution providers that can offer these type of options are becoming reliable resources for IT departments across the country.

A new study from IT staffing agency Bluewolf looks at the IT outsourcing landscape and how IT Principals are rethinking their strategies. Over the next 12 to 18 months, 32 percent will increase their IT outsourcing investments and 48 percent will fire more contractors rather than full-time staff.

"IT Outsourcing is evolving into a strategic tool that reflects today's rapidly changing business and technology landscape," said Bluewolf Co-Founder Michael Kirven in the report. "Once a tourniquet to cut costs, it has matured and become a business imperative."

According to the report, the top drivers of IT outsourcing are productivity and profitability, flexibility to turn resources on and off, and access to hard-to-find technology talent. Also, managed services are the number-one outsourcing strategy for disaster recovery, IT security and ecommerce services.

InfoWorld has a new article that examines the report and draws some conclusions. The reason for the increased focus on project-based solutions revolves around businesses looking to embrace new technologies like the cloud, big data and mobility. Add the IT workers skills gap and ever-present need for speed to market, and the benefits of outsourcing become clear.

Seeking outside help to get a project completed is becoming a proven business practice for IT Principals. VARs and MSPs are becoming reliable resources for go-to solutions to combat quick turnaround times and the instant gratification nature of business.

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