New Position Process

By Steve_Noel
In MSP Coaching
August 23, 2012

Steve Noel / Steve Noel

Wow, where have I been? Well starting a new position is time
consuming. Maybe I should say it SHOULD be time consuming. If you expect to get
up to speed in any new position by just putting in the “normal” amount of work
hours, you are sadly mistaken. In the software sales industry, you have to
expect to put in a lot of hours in a regular work week. When starting a new
position in that industry, expect to add at least 25% more than the producers
are putting in.

How Much Time?

I don’t know how this sounds to you, too much or too less,
but it seems to be what works for me. Too many more hours than that and I start
to lose my sharpness. Any fewer and I can’t do the daily load and learn the
amount of information I need to to keep ramping up.
Again, I’m a technical sales resource, so I need to know all
the nut’s and bolts. So how do I do it? Read, read a lot. It is amazing what
you will learn if you read everything your company produces about your product.
Marketing slicks, sales brochures, Web pages, technical manuals and release
notes. Not just the most recent release notes, read them for at least a year
back. This will help you find information that your competition uses against
you based on old information, as well as helping existing customers know what
they can gain if they upgrade.

You have to know what you need to know

While I’m reading, I’m watching. Watching others work. What do
they say? What do they show? What do they make sure to point out? What are they
sure to avoid? All of this is invaluable. Next, I talk to others about what I
have read and seen. Coworkers, customers, prospects, anyone. Again, this will
help refine what I know and how it is received and perceived.

The original “Like”

I have done technical demos for my Wife and Mom before. Why?
If I can’t make them understand complex technical software, I need to simplify
my presentation. I always start with simple demos when showing a new product. Tell
a story, paint a picture where people can see themselves using the solution,
get them to want more, and be ready to do that.

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