How Analytics Can Help Your Business

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
August 21, 2012

Article By Vertical Axion

Most business owners, large and small, are aware that their customers have started heading online. Business websites need to be attractive now, and should help customers solve their problems without requiring a phone call. But how do you measure the success of your website? How do you know if what you’re doing is actually working, and that you’re connecting with the people who visit your site?

Answer: Analytics. Web Analytics can help you figure out exactly what is happening on your website. If you don’t have an analytics platform running – Axion SiteSpy and other Analytics are included in our higher-end packages – then you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to help your business thrive. How, you ask, can a simple program make such a big difference? Read on to find out.

Turn Visitors into Customers

The best thing that Analytics will teach you is your visitors’ patterns on your website. You will start to see the pages they visit the most, how long they stay on those pages, and how often they buy something on those pages. Sometimes you can even view where that person was before they came to your site, and you’ll find that a certain review website is directing the most traffic to you. You can even see if that traffic turns into conversions. You may even find out they’re coming in via your blogs and not through your landing page. All of this information will help you perfect your website so it’s more user friendly (and gets you more conversions).

Insight on Page Quality

When you tap your Analytics, you’ll see which pages are contributing to the success of your business…and which aren’t. Your pages should all direct your visitors, eventually, to your sales page. Analytics will help you understand which pages people like and which pages people shy away from quickly. Pages that are found to send visitors off-track can be rewritten to direct traffic the way it should be going. Since your Analytics program highlighted the problem, you can fix it.

Contribute to Offline Success

Believe it or not, not everything your company does happens online. Hopefully you’re going to tradeshows or otherwise participating in your community offline. Maybe you’re advertising on television or distributing brochures at local car shows. Whatever it is, your Analytics can help you. Not convinced? Think about it for a second: you put an ad on the radio. Then you put one in the newspaper, only you use a slightly different URL in both forms of media. Now when people visit your website because of those ads, you’ll know which advertisement generated more traffic for your company because you installed Analytics. This will help you understand which audience you should be targeting offline and what works for your company.

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