Change is a good thing…and inevitable

By Stuart_Selbst
In MSP Coaching
August 15, 2012

Article By Stuart Selbst

If you follow me on my personal Facebook page, you may have seen I posted that Loree is changing jobs. Loree has been at her current job for over 9 years and making a job change after all the time is difficult for many people, including Loree. The decision for her to make this move was not easy for her. Just the interview process for this job took over 3 months. While I was there to “coach” and advise her through the pros and cons of changing jobs, it was ultimately her decision. Personally, I believe that this change is good and will allow Loree to elevate her career and the opportunity that she has in front of her…the sky is the limit. Plus the bump in salary is an added bonus.

Yesterday, Loree had to break the news of her resignation to her team. While there was a huge wave of emotion from her team, Loree was the ultimate professional. She explained to them that change is a good thing and inevitable in life and business. We all need to continue to grow and part of growing is making changes in life.

As a business coach, I work with businesses on making changes that are positive for their continued existence and ongoing growth. I tell my clients that businesses need to continue to change. If you aren’t changing and growing then you are just letting opportunities pass you by.

10 years ago we were all excited about this thing called managed services. It was the art of being proactive to our client’s networks. We bought or rented RMM tools, invested in PSAs and tried to “sell” flat rate services to a world that was used to paying a tech when they needed them for X $$ per hour. A couple years ago this thing called “The Cloud” started popping up. Now we are seeing managed services providers developing their own software and private cloud offerings. We as an industry have had to change to not only survive, but to stay relevant to business and to grow.

As I close out this blog, I would like to remind all of you who are reading this that IT isn’t the only industry that has had to change. Look at the music industry. Not too long ago they had these round disks made of vinyl called records which then went to 8-track and cassette tapes followed by CDs and now we are downloading our music to our iPhones and iPods.

Change is a good thing and yes it is inevitable.

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Author: Stuart Selbst