7 milestones of Office 365 in its first year

By Stuart_R_Crawford
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August 13, 2012

Article By Stuart Crawford

There are vast opportunities with Office 365 in the MSP market if you were not aware.  Clients and prospects are turning to cloud-based technologies faster than we can get up to speed with the changes occurring around us.  Some of us or faster than others…while others are still trying to figure out how to become a MSP for the first time.

Let’s take a look at some of the milestones achieved by Microsoft Office365 in the past year,

Office 365 has successfully completed its first year and still going strong for the second year as well. Within the first year of its release, this office suit from Microsoft has managed to meet a number of remarkable milestones and triumphs which were actually beyond the expectations of the developers and the users. In a recent partner conference, Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft announced about some of the most remarkable successes of Office 365.

Among all the achievements, the most outstanding success of Office 365 was the rapid adoption of this suite by both large and small organizations throughout the world. It’s been only a year and more than 40% of top 100 global organizations have already started using this suite.  This sheer number of users is a clear sign that the office suite has managed to win the clients and still continues to capture the market both at home and overseas. In addition to customers and market share, Office 365 also own a number of Awards in its first year as well among which “The 15 Best Products of 2011” and “Best Cloud Service” are most noteworthy ones which proclaim this as the most powerful productivity and collaboration tools for businesses of all sizes.

Such success was made possible only for the dedication of Microsoft officials who managed to launch the full version out of their limited beta version in less than 9 months. While most competitors take more than 2 years to move out of their beta services, this is truly a great success for Microsoft who also penetrated 88 major markets comprising 4 billion customers worldwide. In addition to that, the partner ecosystem for Office 365 has doubled in the first year which is ten times higher than Google Partner program Google Apps. In addition to all these, they also got a number of certifications such as FISMA, HIPAA and many more.

These are some of the achievements of Microsoft 365 in its first year and we are sure that they will have more success in its second year as well.

How well did your MSP do with Office 365?  Did you capitalize on the vast amount of opportunity surrounding O365 in the marketplace?  Need help with marketing your Office 365 consulting services, call me right away at 289-362-3632 and my team can help you.


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Author: Stuart R. Crawford