Good Decision or Good Reaction

By Steve_Noel
In MSP Coaching
August 7, 2012

Article By Steve Noel

I have always wanted the people around me to be the type of
people I can trust to make good decisions. I’m changing my mind. I now want to
put my trust in people who can best deal with the aftermath of bad situations. Why
the change? Well, let me explain.

Decisions Decisions…

First, everyone likes a winner. Everyone likes supporting
winners. People, who make good decisions all the time, will be winners. So we
like to support people who make good decisions. However, no one makes good
decisions all the time. So if you are supporting someone who makes a bad
decision, how do they react? How do you react?

Don’t Freak out, Figure it out

It is possible to overreact, or become paralyzed, when
someone who normally makes good decisions, makes a bad one. When things aren’t
going your team’s way after a bad decision, it is possible to start playing the
blame game. If members of your team do this, why, and what does it mean? To me,
it shows that you are not a team, you are a group following a strong leader.
When the leader stumbles, the group falls apart.

Stick together, but don’t Sink together…

A team sticks together. But to be fair, so did the crew of
the Titanic. So you have to do more than not blame each other when a bad
decision puts you in a bad spot. You have to have someone in charge that can
make the most happen out of that situation.
It isn’t if a bad decision is made, it is when. It isn’t if
you have to scramble to make the most of a situation, it is when. So while I
want to support someone who makes great decisions, I really want to support
someone who doesn’t fall apart when it hits the fan.

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Author: Steve Noel