Project-based staffing eases new technology solution innovation deployment for businesses

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July 31, 2012

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Each technology solution innovation beings with a new skill sets that IT departments need to ensure they have access to. As implementation of new technology becomes as focused on integration as it does general knowledge, IT Principals must ensure they have the right resources to provide an effective and efficient solution delivery. As the demand for new business systems outpaces industry knowledge, especially in-house, new resources are needed to ensure business workflow doesn't suffer.

A new article from John Moore of CIO Magazine profiled business software system Apache Hadoop and found that the rise of demand for this new solution is rising faster than the IT talent level can keep up with. This is forcing IT Principals to expand their resources to answer their enterprise needs.

"As Hadoop penetrates a broadening range of industries IT departments look to distributors and specialized consulting firms to fill skills gaps," wrote Moore. "CIOs and IT managers look for outside help to launch projects, write code and generally navigate the Hadoop ecosystem. IT organizations also tap channel partners for training as they seek to grow in-house talent."

Hadoop is just one of many different types of hardware and software – like the recently released OSX Mountain Lion from Apple or the announced Windows 8 from Microsoft – that enterprises will need to implement to keep pace with competitors. Updating a full enterprise's worth of technology can be a large undertaking, so, as such, project-based staffing is a smarter solution.

As IT evolves, it becomes difficult for IT Principals to predict the skill sets that will be needed when the next big innovation hits. Progressive VARs and Integrators that are partnered with VAR Staffing can offer impactful talent to meet the IT challenges of the future.

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