Rebranding IT functions is future of technology solution delivery

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July 28, 2012

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With more business functions becoming dependent on technology, it's fascinating to hear the experts who believe IT is obsolete. As far back as 2003, "business insiders" have been saying IT doesn't matter. These insiders may be correct in the way IT departments used to operate, but with the pace of technology evolution, the importance of efficient and effective technology solution delivery has never been greater .

For IT Principals, wading through the IT waters is a daily challenge. The importance of reliable resources is growing as many enterprises are looking to evolve their IT departments to meet future business needs.

A new article from Jonathan Hassell of CIO Magazine talks about the importance of IT and gives reasons why an innovative and adaptable IT department has emphasized the importance of effective and efficient technology solutions delivery. Moving away from their dark corners and getting integrated into other business functions, IT is evolving into an integral component of every department within an enterprise.

"No team is in a better position to integrate the true value of technology across the entire business than IT," wrote Hassell. "No team can better drive business results, via the profit and loss statement, across the entire business through the value created and costs reduced via smart computing.

Hassell goes on to talk about how the traditional roles of IT departments are gone, but that doesn't mean IT in general is useless. By repackaging and rebranding IT resources into teams that focus new tasks like internal program design, mobile applications and technology integration management, IT will not only survive, but very likely flourish.

Technology is not going to stop evolving and without capable talent designing and implementing these emerging solutions, entire enterprises can get left behind the curve.  Progressive Solution Providers are positioning themselves as the exclusive home to the most impactful architects and engineers.

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