Millennials becoming more important as IT resource

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July 25, 2012

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It's a fact that the younger generation – adults in their 20s dubbed Millennials or Generation Y – are more comfortable with technology. As such, IT Principals find themselves with Gen Y on the mind when looking for new resources to help solve a breadth of new IT challenges.

With how quickly the technology landscape is changing, IT Principals are constantly on the lookout for new resources. 

While Millennials are are eager to dive right in, some surveys suggest Generation Y is overconfident in their IT knowledge and, as such, are a bigger security risk. The results of a new MTV survey doesn't offer much to dispel those feelings.

According to the numbers, most Millennials believe the workplace should be social and enjoyable. They want flexible hours and less governance over the projects to which they are assigned. About half say they would rather have no job than a job they hate, and nearly two-thirds believe they should be mentoring older coworkers when it comes to technology and getting things done.

This is not a shining recommendation for IT Principals to invest in Generation Y. Author Jim Finkelstein, however, defends them in quotes to website CIO.

"Millennials should not be sold short as slacking, uninspired workers and be seen for what most of them are: innovative, creative and hungry for job roles that they can grow in an ongoing capacity," says Finkelstein.

IT Principals must keep themselves open to new resources and Generation Y is a new element in the workplace. VARs and Integrators that have partnered with VAR Staffing can offer the impactful, fresh talent that can help lead a company into the next phase of growth.

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