Integration becomes more important for IT Principals

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July 24, 2012

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One of the most important challenges currently faced by IT Principals is a change in philosophy as IT knowledge is being replaced with integration. As new technology emerges with better benefits for enterprises, the need to incorporate these devices into everyday workflow grows.

In a new article from technology website TechRepublic, Patrick Gray examines the unprecedented trend that IT Principals are facing.

"It’s an amazing time to be in the IT industry, as we’re witnessing a seismic shift the likes of which rival the move to connected computing inspired by the internet in the late 1990s," wrote Gray. "While the internet had near-universal appeal to IT workers, this next shift has raised some eyebrows."

Gray went on to write that working in IT is becoming less about technical skills and more about integration. Whereas in decades past your key players in most IT departments were the exceptional developers, key roles are increasingly filled by those who can best integrate readily available components.

With bring your own device (BYOD) solutions growing, it's easy to see why integration is gaining steam. An infographic released by telecommunication company Digium earlier this month looks at the importance of adding new technology into the everyday business model from productivity and monetary viewpoints. For example, by adopting BYOD policies properly, businesses with 100 employees can save 191 hours a day and $920,000 a year, thanks to mobility and the constant connection it brings.

While the BYOD trend is becoming more important, without the right resources in place to integrate the system properly, adding smartphones and tablets can do more to hinder than help. As IT Principals turn to VARs and Integrators to answer these new challenges, it is more important than ever to have the right talent onboard. VAR Staffing has the become the top provider of premium talent for the IT Channel in this ever changing landscape.

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