New technology requires smart IT resources

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July 19, 2012

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There always seems to be a new technology emerging that is going to make every business function more efficiently. The problem with all of the "next big things" is that they need to be managed and integrated into current infrastructure, and not having the right IT professionals in place can mean disaster.

The devaluing of IT departments is forcing IT Principals to be smarter when looking for IT resources. Deciding between adding permanent employees and project based staff augmentation is becoming a larger question and Solution Providers need to be able to offer well-rounded options.

A new article from Bob Lewis of InfoWorld examines the devaluing of IT departments and puts the blame on executive dysfunction, instead of new technologies like cloud computing or bring your own device (BYOD) policies. He says that businesses that decrease their IT resources in favor of new technology will run into roadblocks when integration is needed between hardware and software.

"Companies that go down this rabbit hole will wake up one day and insist that their now-demoted IT department integrate the mess," wrote Lewis. "The job will be very much like assembling a car out of parts ordered independently, by people who never talked to each other, from different catalogs – and in some cases, from different junkyards."

According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, 80 percent of jobs in the next decade will require significant technical skills. That number alone signifies the importance of IT departments in the future. IT Principals will need to turn to progressive VARs and Integrators to bring in the most impactful talent to meet rising IT challenges that internal departments cannot tackle on their own.

Having access to the most impactful and talented resources has never been more challenging for today's VARs and MSPs.  Those that are partnered with VAR Staffing have a step up on gaining access to the premier talent that sets them apart from their competition. 

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