Survey: IT Principals are looking past college grads for more experienced talent

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July 14, 2012

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For many years the traditional hiring pipeline involved college graduates seeking immediate, entry-level opportunities. With how quickly the job market is evolving, however, the specific skill sets IT Principals desire are becoming harder to find. Because of this, they are forced to look outside the box for better resources and solutions to rising IT challenges.

The New Jersey Technology Council recently released the results of a new survey that show IT Principals are changing their mentality and looking for better resources. Solution Providers that are partnered with the IT Channel are becoming go-to options as they offer impactful talent for long-term solutions or project-based staffing.

"Colleges say, 'We have the talent,' but the problem is many employers have a very narrow window of what that talent needs to be," said James Bourke, a partner in Withum, Smith & Brown's technology practice, which helped with the survey. "Employers are looking to pull individuals very specific to job duties. Yes, the colleges have a pipeline, but firms are looking elsewhere."

According to the survey, which polled 138 businesses, nearly half of them do not hire from colleges and instead look for experienced IT professionals. Additionally, 67 percent of the executives surveyed are looking to grow their IT staff, but 20 percent have been unable to find qualified employees and 14 percent do not have the funding to lure the desired talent for permanent placement.

In a world where immediate solutions are sought after, IT Principals are under more pressure to answer IT challenges. Progressive VARs and Integrators realize this and, those that are partnered with VAR Staffing have access to the most impactful talent in the Solution Provider community.

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