Common email marketing mistakes

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July 11, 2012

Article By Sonian

While alternative forms of marketing appear on the scene on an almost daily basis, it is clear that email is not going anywhere as a form of business communication. Yet when it comes to using email as a tool for advertising and gaining clients, some companies are making serious missteps and alienating their customer base.

Opt-in, opt-out

Unsolicited promotional materials can be one of the most frustrating things users can encounter when they check their inboxes. Sending a newsletter that wasn't requested can potentially hurt your image, according to Business Insider.

Along the same vein, not being able to stop a recurring email will cause customers to become frustrated and resort to placing your address in the spam folder, not to mention such a practice is illegal. A simple solution is to have a clearly visible unsubscribe feature attached to mass emails and to make sure you aren't sending it to customers that don't want it.

Adapt to changing technology

A new rule of thumb for email communication is if it can't be read on a smartphone, don't send it. As cloud technology continues to advance, clients and employees are expecting to be able to access anything from anywhere. If users can't read your email on their phones, there's a good chance they'll just trash it right away and not think about it again.

Respond to leads instantly

Many business experts agree that responding to client emails immediately is the best way to get new customers. Allowing leads to go cold demonstrates a lack of conviction by the company and can cause a potential client to walk away or find something else in that time frame.

Staying on top of your inbox isn't always an easy thing to accomplish, but applying filters and not always reading that thread about what kind of cake to get for Maggie's birthday can help.

Utilize cloud management

A customer's ability to access your company on the go should be met with an equal ability by your employees to respond. Integrating a cloud-based system can quicken response times and improve your bottom line.

Following all of this advice adds up to a high volume of emails, and as file sizes increase and the amount of communication multiplies, it might be a good idea for your business to use an email archiving service to handle it all.

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Author: Kayla Krause