How to increase email viewership rates

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July 10, 2012

Article By Sonian

It can be a frustrating experience to put in the time and effort associated with an email campaign only to have it fall on deaf ears. What follows are some simple guidelines that can help increase the chances of your email being read and appreciated.

Thank you

Experian suggests you always say thank you when the situation warrants it. Thanking customers for orders and transactions is simple, but forgetting those two little words can negatively impact your business. Shipping confirmations that forgot to thank the customer had a 35 percent lower interaction rate, the global information services site reported.

Along the same vein, U.S. News recommended including pleasantries at the beginning of an email as well. Jumping straight into official correspondence can leave the receiver feeling less appreciated, and therefore less likely to respond.

Changing 'from: name'

One tip that grabbed the attention of the New York Times was adjusting what your email server thinks your name is. Author Jill Konrath didn't suggest changing your actual email address, but rather changing your outgoing settings so your direct phone number is included with your name. After the update, your emails will read – "From: Jill Konrath | 651-429-1922" before the recipient even opens the message. Konrath argued this strategy made her emails stand out and allowed clients to reach her easier.

Create a new thread

A common mistake in business interactions is replying to a thread where the subject has been severely altered. Jamming conversations into a single back and forth chain will make it harder for sensitive information to be found later and can reduce the chances that it will be read. Email archiving services on the cloud allow for effective searching, but only if you're actually searching for the right thing.

If a contract is agreed upon throughout multiple emails, send the final document in a separate thread with a different subject line. Don't let important conversations get lost in a messy thread.

Putting care into your emails

U.S. News argued that carelessness can seriously affect your favorability. Don't treat emails as an easy way to fire off a message, especially if you're contacting a customer or prospective client. Double check your messages and people will be more willing to read what you have to say.

Following these rules can help you get your message across easier, thereby increasing your business' impact. Making your emails stand out can be an important tool in your attempts to brand yourself and your company.


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Author: Kayla Krause