Why You Should Definitely Have a Blog

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
July 9, 2012

Article By Vertical Axion

You wouldn’t create content without the people who are going to read it in mind, so why would you create a website without a blog? A blog not only updates all of your potential clients on what’s going on with your business, it provides valuable information that any visitor may be able to use to their advantage. So why else should you have a blog, anyway?

Consistency and Reliability = Expertise

If you can consistently update your blog, your readers will view you as reliable. Being viewed as reliable means that you have a better chance at winning those people over as clients. Why? It adds to the Trust Factor between you and your audience. If your audience feels like they can trust you, they’re more inclined to share your posts and pay for your services. They can build your brand for you, and all you had to do was update your blog with useful information.

You’re Easier to Find

All of your posts, as long as they are unique, are indexed on every search engine. Whenever someone searches for advice on something that you posted about, your post has the potential to come up in their search results. That could mean that hundreds – or even thousands – of potential clients will see you when they would not have otherwise.

You’re Utilizing a Powerful Marketing Tool

When you write for a blog, you’re taking advantage of a powerful content marketing platform. A quality blog that shows that you mean business and are good at what you do will attract a wide variety of readers. Some of them will buy something from your website. Others will share the content. Some will decide that you write good blogs and want to use you as their blogger, too. Best of all, since running a blog is cheap you’re marketing for essentially nothing. Sometimes people will even come to you to advertise on your blog because of how powerful your blog has become.

In the end, a blog can mean leads, new clients, and credibility for your company. There’s no reason you shouldn’t start one today.

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