MSP Marketing Webinar Recording: Driving A Wedge Between You and Your Competitors

By Stuart_R_Crawford
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July 5, 2012

Article By Stuart Crawford

What makes your MSP business stand out from the rest?  Are you still promoting RMM and patch management as your key advantage over the other guy?  How SBS knowledge, since Microsoft has put the nail in the coffin on this product, is SBS specialization enough now?  The IT world is constantly changing, IT professionals are somewhat skeptical of their future, while others are very excited about the opportunities that exist in the market.  So we ask you, what are you doing to create a difference between yourself and the MSP down the street?

Webinar Recording: Driving A Wedge Between You and the Competition

Stuart Crawford provides MSP marketing and business development services for IT firms that are looking at creating a difference and winning their share of new business opportunities. Through an effective balance between traditional marketing strategies and new online solutions, Ulistic and Stuart Crawford have helped countless MSPs and IT firms create their own unique brands and win more than their fair share of new business opportunities.

PASSPORTAL, a leader in providing secure password management solutions for IT services organizations is sponsoring a webinar with Ulistic on how IT firms can drive a wedge between themselves and their competition.

Clients are looking for something different, and gone are the days when remote monitoring and patch management were all it took. Today, we must do something more.

Join Stuart Crawford and Colin Knox as together they share 5 new strategies that when employed as part of your marketing efforts, sales process and service delivery, will create results immediately.

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Author: Stuart R. Crawford