What The Voice Can Teach You About Differentiating Your Brand

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
July 2, 2012

Article By Vertical Axion

Your client is looking for your services. There are likely many companies that provide the same services as you. They must be thinking, “How do I decide? How do I know which of these companies will provide me with the best value?” Generally, companies that have differentiated themselves – in a good way – are where clients are going to go. It makes sense that they would want to go with a company that stands out against the rest. So how do you make your brand different?

Toss Convention Aside

In the television show The Voice, when singers audition, they usually cover a recent or classic song. However, one singer in particular got through because instead of following the convention, he broke away and sang an opera song instead. It was a bold and creative move. Likewise, your company could benefit from such moves. Choose to do something no one else expects and that showcases something you’re proud of or good at. Sprint uses this technique when they allowed unlimited data as an option, and their business has almost doubled in the past year.

Hone in on a Particular Market

In The Voice, the singers who targeted a particular type of song and practiced until they couldn’t sing anymore got past auditions more often than not. A particular contestant got onto the next round because she sung a perfect rendition of a popular country song, one that one of the judges knew well and appreciated. Instead of jazzing up the song and making it sound different with folk or blues, the young woman simply sang a good old-fashioned country song.

This is another way you can also distinguish your brand. Some companies attempt to appeal to a large, broad audience with the best of intentions in mind: they simply don’t want to limit the market they appeal to. However, if you choose to limit your market and hone your skills, many people will perceive you as an expert instead of a jack-of-all-trades, which is important in the business world. An expert gains respect – and business.

Have a Strong, Recognizable Symbol

A particular contestant on The Voice came on stage with a harmonica. He didn’t get to show the judges his skills, but what he did show convinced a judge to bring him onto her team. His harmonica made him special and different; even when no one could remember his name, they remembered his symbol.

If you have a special symbol, logo, or creative ad for the side of shipping boxes and the header of letters, you may be able to capture extra attention. Amazon employs this tactic on all of their shipping boxes. Even those who can’t read the word “Amazon” recognize their famous arrows on sight.

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