LiveBlog from Managing for Success 2012 – Keynote

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June 26, 2012

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Keynote Speaker: Karl Palachuk

Topic: Organize or Die

Conference Starts@9:00am PST

@8:57 logged into teleconference awaiting arrival of Karl

@9:00 Karl Palachuk arrives

@9:02 over 120 participants and 16 speakers at the conference

@9:03 shout out to Connectwise and Autotask for sponsoring

@9:04 why is conference different, virtual, participants from around the world, focus on themes with over 18 hours of content

@9:07 Conference focused on the future and on the business

@9:08 Organizing for Success – “Organize or Die” Technology is moving all of the time if you stay the same you will be left behind

@9:10 Karl’s background, recommends the e-myth book to all business owners, Standard Operating Procedures are important and is what Karl used while building his business

@9:11 80% of businesses go out of business in the first year

@9:12 Franchises are much more successful because they can duplicate with standard operating procedures, businesses must follow this same methodology

@9:14 “The HP Way” discussion

@9:17 Conference Focus on Culture- it affects interaction with all and affects every aspect of business, Karl stated goal Karl will “only work with people he likes”

@9:19 Must Enjoy his job, Movies and game days,outings and employee gatherings  help build culture

@9:22 discussion on recession and fact that we are still in a recession, proof is in the stock market and tough times are still ahead, managed services has helped with recurring income for IT providers but a strategy for survival is important

@9:24 Success and culture must be built

@9:26 Technology is changing, middleman is being eliminated, affects solution providers and vendors

@9:27 Overview of the speakers for the day

@9:31 managed services business relies on SOP standard operating procedures must create them to build the company to be what you want it to be

@9:32 Chicken and Egg create process to duplicate success repeatable processes

@9:37 Elastic and dynamic systematization of success SOP’s to do specific tasks

@9:40 Building flexibility -cannot just work on technology but must work on business side of the business

@9:41 Change and Survival is important, a forward looking future driven mindset is a must

@9:44 Harry Brelsford Education importance question, Karl thinks technical is less important than it used to be, business education is needed in an evolving world.

@9:48 Keynote closes

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Author: Frank Gurnee