Godgart Announces Channel Eyes Mobile App

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June 26, 2012

Article By Looks Cloudy

Channeleyes Managing Partner and Chairman of CompTia Bob Godgart, announced today the launch date for the Channeleyes Mobile app for users, at Karl Palachuk’s Managing for Success 2012. The mobile app which is being touted as a communication delivery platform for businesses will bring together social media, news, blogs, and vendor communication into one easy, manageable, mobile application.

Godgart stated “If all goes well” the platform will launch at this year’s CompTia Breakaway 2012, which is held in Las Vegas July 30-August 2nd. This is exciting news for the business social startup, considering that mobile delivery makes up a good percentage of the time that business users interact with social media. It is not yet clear what devices will be covered with the app.

Godgart was on hand at the conference presenting “Building Partnerships in the Channel” when he released the news. The presentation covered current trends in the IT solution community which included The New Cloud Economy, Millenials, Hyper Specialization, Multiple Channels of Communication, and Mobility. The main focus of the presentation was on cloud and mobility driving the future of the industry for vendors, and partners alike.

The presentation turned from current trends to future predictions for IT solution providers. The landscape ahead looks much different than the current environment that most companies are used to. Godgart provided five predictions for the future of the industry.

  1. IT solution providers will manage 50 or more cloud solution providers’
  2. There will be significant vendor direct competition
  3. Vendor delivery filters will change from segmented profiling to individual profiling for content delivery
  4. Channel Programs will become a “Single Pane of Glass” for fast and easy access to partner driven, standardized communication
  5. Mobile Channel Delivery will become the ” New Normal”

These predictions hit the nail on the head with the changes that have been occurring in the industry. See recent looks cloudy article “Managed Services is So Last Year”. The founders of Channeleyes, Karl Palachuk, and Looks Cloudy have now all reported on these industry changes. The question is; are IT solution providers paying attention?

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Author: Frank Gurnee