Annoying Things on Your Website that Will Drive Business Away

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
June 26, 2012

Article By Vertical Axion

Chances are that you have worked very hard on your website. You’re probably proud of it, but that doesn’t always mean the design and “feel” of the website are optimal. To drive more clients to buy while they’re visiting your website, you have to make sure you don’t annoy them on accident. Here are a couple of things that are commonly used on websites that just aren’t good for business.


Flash players can be used in a good way, but most of the time it just means annoyance for your customers. They often take forever to load (especially on slow connections) and don’t provide a lot of information to your website visitor. You want to use your website space wisely; instead of having a Flash video, write some interesting and helpful content and post it where you had the video instead.

Hiding Your Contact Information

Your potential clients are likely very busy people. Routing around your website for contact information not only takes up time, it’s a frustrating process. A lot of the time, it’ll convince your almost-client to go to another website that clearly states a number (or an e-mail) at the top of every page that can be used to contact the company.


Most people think ‘ads’ when they think pop-ups, and those are obviously irritating. However, there are other types of pop-ups. For example, what about a pop-up that tells you about a new ebook that the website has produced? Or one that tells you that you’ll get a discount if you don’t click on the “x” button in the corner? These pop-ups are just as bad and very unprofessional. The take away the air of simplicity and style your website might otherwise have.


A lot of people like music, but not everyone likes the music you like. Putting any sort of sounds on your website that can’t be stopped will cause most people to click back to the search engine page. Playing music on your website (or auto-starting a video that can’t be stopped until someone locates the pause button) is often viewed as downright rude and disruptive. Instead, kill the music, and make sure your videos have to be started manually.

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