What Your Company Can Learn from Rock Bands

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
June 22, 2012

Article By Vertical Axion

Listen to your favorite song. Now imagine that song without the bassist in the background, or without vocals. It’s missing something, isn’t it? Even though you aren’t always aware of every component, you definitely notice when something’s missing.

A successful band realizes that every member is vital in their own way and has talent. They put that person in a specialized position – for example, drums – and then they work them. Van Halen became such a well-known band because they used all of their members in appropriate ways. Eddie himself was not much of a vocalist, so they let David Lee Roth handle most of that work. David couldn’t do anything but sing, so he didn’t. Years later, everyone still recognizes their name.

Apply this to your company. For a company to remain successful, everyone has to devote a proper amount of time to the work they need to do. From managing sales to developing products, everyone has a job that they’re good at and should be doing. Great companies nurture the inborn talents of their employees and won’t have their staff “play other instruments”.

If you want to wind up in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for companies, make sure all of the roles in your company are clearly assigned.

First, make sure your lead singer – the president of your company – defines your culture. Being at the head of something means you’re most often the spokesperson to the public, so make sure your leader has developed those skills as well.

Just as a drummer provides a constant rhythm to keep the rest of the band together, your chief operating officer should keep the company’s offering consistent with its mission.

Wild solos and catchy tunes are usually left up to lead guitar, as well as the occasional riff – let this be your marketing manager. Lead guitarists often bring the audience into an uproar of happy and excited screams. Even though your marketing manager may not make a crowd turn into a mosh pit, they should still excite and engage your audience.

Like a band, your company needs to be a well oiled machine. Far too often good bands fall apart due to lack of organization, proper work delegation, and leadership. Take a lesson from your favorite band: keep it real, assign proper roles to the right team members, and above all, keep going when times get a little rough.

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