Tiny Bits: 60 Second Catch-up for the Week of June 18-22

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June 22, 2012

Article By Looks Cloudy

  1. Microsoft announces Surface Tablet –New tablet will run Windows 8, has a larger screen than iPad, includes usb port, keyboard built into the cover, and HDMI port.  No set price as of yet and early reports are wifi only at launch. “On the Surface Microsoft Just Might Have a Winner”
  2. Microsoft Announces Windows Phone 8 – No upgrade Path for existing Windows phone users has many new Nokia Lumia users scratching their heads– “Microsoft Leaves Nokia Users Kicking Themselves over Windows Phone 8”
  3. Quest Software accepts private bid for $2.17B leaving Dell wondering “who do we buy now” – “Quest Software accepts $2.17B Bid what does this Mean for the Channel?”
  4. Twitter Suffers massive outage- Outage causes significant downtime and service disruption that lasted most of the day on Thursday, June 21st 2012.
  5. Symform cloud storage solution Wins Two Awards for its Disruptive Cloud Storage Technology and Leading Corporate Culture- Cloud Computing World Series and Seattle Business Magazine Select Symform as ‘Best Cloud Storage Solution’ and ‘Top 100 Best Company to Work For’
  6. Facebook adds comment editing to feature list- The much requested feature to edit comments has finally been released and is an easy way to fix spelling or grammar errors “No More Embarrassing Typos Facebook Rolls out Comment Editing”

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