No More Embarrassing Typos Facebook Rolls out Comment Editing

By vmazek
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June 22, 2012
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Facebook today quietly launched editing of comments, and just in time. In my first comment of the day, I typed “aweosome”, after I saw the post go up, I was able to click edit on the comment and fix the spell error.

It is quite easy to edit the comment. Once you have clicked the edit button, you can make any necessary changes in the text box.

Once edited the comment shows edited next to the like button. This let’s everyone know that the comment has been edited, and allows anyone who can see the comment to see the edits. For this reason, editing is not going to allow you to rewrite something, and have it go away. That’s what the delete button is for or as we call it a “barlowed” comment or post.

Overall this new feature seems like a much added benefit, especially for those of us that are “OCD” about misspellings, and typos. It would seem that the next logical step for Facebook would be to roll out editing for Facebook Posts. Now go give Facebook comment editing a try!

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Author: Frank Gurnee