How do you effectively onboard new clients?

By Stuart_R_Crawford
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June 22, 2012

Article By Stuart Crawford

I have played around with a great tool called MindMeister for the past . This is an online resource that allows you to get stuff out of your head and onto a virtual sheet of paper.  I was originally looking for an online decision tree application but found this and bought it right away.  How many of your clients are finding cool stuff like this online and purchasing it.  Pretty amazing what the cloud is doing for us and the availability of online tools.  It really helped me yesterday when I wanted something easy to use and complete a project quickly.

Mindmeister is a pretty slick, useful application and the price is awesome as well.  $99.00 a year for their pro version or $9.99 per month.  They also have a FREE version. This makes me realize that cloud applications and how end users of IT solutions use them are here to stay and the price, well…who can complain at $99.00 or even the ten bucks per month.  There are many options for you to choose if you wish to share information, have multiple users and many other features.

Back to what I started!!!!  I made this client onboarding checklist the other day, thought it would help many of you who struggle to onboard new clients.  Who is responsible for what, what needs to occur and how do you collection payment.  One of the features of Mindmeister is the ability to share the project with the world (if you want).  So I thought I would do that.

Have a look and if you see something that doesn’t seem correct, let me know…this is a crowdsourcing project.  🙂


Stuart Crawford
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