Microsoft Leaves Nokia Users Kicking Themselves over Windows Phone 8

By vmazek
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June 21, 2012

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Microsoft yesterday announced its new Windows Phone 8 platform to much praise and excitement over the new Windows 8 inspired OS. The platform itself takes the Windows 8 RT kernel and slims it down to a version suitable for a mobile device.

The big buzz coming out of the announcement though is not the feature set, the user interface, the hardware manufacturers, or the release dates; but instead is the downplayed fact, that existing users of the Windows phone platform will have no upgrade path to the new Windows 8 Phone OS.

This was a shock to current users of Windows phone and has created a backlash of angry sentiment over the now outdated devices. The loudest cries can be heard from Nokia Lumia buyers who are now stuck in multi-year contracts, with phones that are not upgradeable. Nokia did a good job of promoting the Windows Phone device and was able to gain some fans with the right price point, a slick new look, feel, and experience.

I was given the opportunity to review the Nokia Lumia 700 and overall liked the phone but have stuck with my iOS device. The one thing Apple has done well has been to support phones through OS upgrades. I still have an iPhone3gs that is running the latest iOS software.

Information was released today that Nokia was aware of the upgrade path issue when it signed on to Windows Phone; yet decided to move forward with the Nokia line. For a company that has struggled in the U.S market; this may not have been the best decision.

So as it sits; if you own a current Microsoft Windows Phone device, you can sit back, antiquated device in hand, and hear all of the great things about Windows 8, while you join a legion of other users, given the power of text, in a fight against the evil empire. Sounds like the type of plot that just might make for a good comic book!

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Author: Frank Gurnee