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June 21, 2012

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Cloud-based email solutions bring many advantages to companies that traditional services do not. However, many have begun to turn to alternatives to the public cloud due to increasing security concerns.

Writing for ZDNet, Phil Van Etten, CEO of Azaleos, said that the public cloud offers little to no control over the technology infrastructure. He also stated that the public cloud model comes with many hidden costs for email archiving and mobile device support. He offers up four alternatives to the public cloud, including the physically dedicated private cloud, the virtually dedicated private cloud and the hybrid cloud.

Physically dedicated private cloud

According to the source, the physically dedicated private cloud is the most secure model for cloud email and it offers the same benefits as the public cloud. It resembles the on-premise model for email but is outsourced to a third-party. Perhaps this model's most important feature is that it allows the company to maintain direct control over its data, hardware, networking and operating system.

Virtually dedicated private cloud

This model offers the same benefits of a physically dedicated private cloud but it virtualizes the infrastructure in a secure, multi-tenant cloud. Customers are able to deploy computer and storage resources on an as-needed basis in a secure fashion.

Hybrid cloud

The hybrid cloud model combines both public and private cloud solutions. This model provides great flexibility for responding to business scenarios or security restrictions, according to the source. It comes with the benefits of the public cloud model without the control restrictions.

When it comes time to choose the proper cloud model, Van Etten recommends going through a checklist including security, availability, support, feature parity, customization and control.

Van Etten also said that many companies are still sticking with traditional no-cloud email solutions despite the many benefits offered by cloud-based solutions. He said no-cloud solutions, where hardware, software and data stay in-house for full control, is still the most prevalent option and will likely remain so for a few years.

The move away from public cloud email could continue to grow with the recent revelation that presidential candidate Mitt Romney's public Dropbox storage and email account was hacked, according to Computer World. 

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Author: Kayla Krause