Reasons to consider the cloud for email archiving

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June 20, 2012

Article By Sonian

The increase in popularity of cloud computing has led many businesses to turn to the technology for their email services. The move has brought many benefits, including better email archiving.

According to Dynamic Business, there are a number of reasons to consider the cloud for archiving emails.

Avoid in-house archiving problems

Cloud-based archiving eliminates the need to use an in-house IT resource by automatically archiving emails. The source states that maintenance, regular upgrades and compatibility issues become a thing of the past when the cloud is utilized.

Lower and more predictable costs

Cloud archiving comes with low upfront costs and predictable monthly fees, unlike local solutions that can come with an upfront investment of tens of thousands of dollars.

Fast search and discovery

With local email archiving, search and discovery can take an extended period of time. That is not the case with cloud archiving, as this process is expedited for better productivity. The source states that past emails and documents can be discovered in just seconds.

Access from anywhere in the world

One of the major benefits to cloud computing is that it makes data, software and applications accessible from anywhere with a wireless connection. As long as an internet connection is available, a company's email archives can be accessed.

Captures all email

According to the source, local solutions only back up emails on a nightly or weekly basis, while cloud-based solutions back them up in real-time. Cloud archiving makes sure 100 percent of emails are captured and saved.

Individual or global settings

Multiple settings are included with cloud archiving, including the ability to give an employee access to his or her own archives or the company-wide archives.

Good security

The source says that although security used to be a main issue with cloud computing, nowadays these solutions offer a much more secure platform than local IT.

Other benefits laid out by Dynamic Business are guaranteed uptime through a Service Local Agreement, unlimited data backup and email being kept forensically intact.

Cloud Email 101 said that cloud email archiving prepares a company for eDiscovery, accelerating the fulfillment process and reducing time, money and resources needed to meet necessary requests. 

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Author: Kayla Krause