Top Five Reasons Why MSPs Should Use PASSPORTAL

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
June 19, 2012

Article By Stuart Crawford

Maintaining the safety and security of client passwords is one of the biggest challenges that faces managed IT services providers (MSPs), especially when their clients’ companies start growing and expanding to other cities, states or provinces, or even countries.

PASSPORTAL is the solution to the password storage problems that MSPs tackle every day. There are several reasons why MSPs should embrace PASSPORTAL. Here are the top five:

  1. PASSPORTAL  was designed for IT professionals by experienced IT professionals who had to overcome many of the same challenges regarding client password management that MSPs encounter every day.
  2. With PASSPORTAL, it’s easier for MSPs to ensure password accuracy. MSPs can easily create and reset client passwords whenever necessary.
  3. PASSPORTAL provides increased password security. Since technicians only have access to the passwords of the clients that they serve, should a technician leave or lose his job, only the passwords of those specific clients need to be changed, rather than every client the MSP serves.
  4. PASSPORTAL can be accessed via mobile phone. Although access via BlackBerry, Android, iPhone and iPad remain in the future, MSPs can currently access it through their cell phones.
  5. PASSPORTAL is Patriot Act compliant. Clients in the United States and Canada have no worries because PASSPORTAL has independent databases in each country. It’s one of the few online password management solutions that can guarantee that its U.S. and Canadian clients’ credentials are stored domestically.

Stop agonizing over the time and energy spent on managing clients’ passwords.

To learn more about how PASSPORTAL can help you solve your password management problems, visit  today.

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Author: Stuart R. Crawford