Apple Integrates Turn by Turn Navigation into iOS 6, Not So Good for GPS Companies

By vmazek
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June 18, 2012

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Apple’s latest announcement of iOS 6 has brought some great new features to the platform. These features include enhancements to just about every aspect of the iphone’s operating system. Notable enhancements include a major siri overhaul, facebook integration, shared photo streaming, Facetime over cellular, and many more. One of the biggest new touted features is the new MAPS program which provides a vector based map system as well as turn by turn, voice assisted navigation, real time traffic updates, and siri integration.

These features will really bring a nicely integrated solution together, that has been needed for every user that commutes with their device. This announcement, though great for consumers, may not be so great for GPS companies. Companies like Garmin which purchased another well-known GPS company Navigon, has had great success with iphone apps for GPS. They have also been successful with in-app purchases of add ons like real-time traffic updates.

One company though that may see this as a positive is Tom Tom, which has been announced as having a global licensing agreement for “maps and related information.” Tom Tom also has an app in the app store that runs consumers $49.95 for the basic app, so this deal may have been a significant one for them. Either that or they were able to see the upcoming end game, and were at least able to get something out of the deal.

Overall the newly announced feature set is a great improvement on an already great platform. Droid has already built in some of these features, so it is good to see apple making the necessary updates to keep competition tight. In the spirit of competition this appears to be a true win for consumers.

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Author: Frank Gurnee