What Proof Are You Providing?

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
June 16, 2012

Article By Stuart Crawford

When was the last time you wrote a project spotlight or case study?

Do you have a library of  how you help business succeed through your solutions and products sold?

How does your MSP stand out from the crowd?

Many MSP firms and IT organization don’t a healthy library of client success stories, case studies and reviews of the projects they have deployed. However, clients of Ulistic sure do and are strongly encouraged to share how they help clients succeed with technology and their services.   Why do you think Ulistic clients create stronger connections with their target market, close more business and continue to have healthy relationship long after the sale is done.  Well, we would sure hope it was our MSP Coaching, but it is not.  It is the MSPs willingness to change their old habits, create strong connections and forge deep relationships that create a mutual win-win.

Need an idea of what should be in your project spotlight and case study.  Here are some examples of the work our MSP Marketing team did recently with clients in Macon, Houston and Calgary.

These project spotlights and case studies get noticed by your target markets and help you close deals faster than your competitors.  Why?  People don’t care about all the services you offer, they only care about how you can help them.  They want proof and real life examples.  Not just fluff, they want the facts.  Start getting these done today, actually yesterday would have been a better time to have started.  It is not too late though, you just need to get them done.

You must started writing them today! Need help, Ulistic can help, call us 416.840.9106 today.

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Author: Stuart R. Crawford