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By Stuart_Selbst
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June 15, 2012

Article By Stuart Selbst

Earlier this week, I blogged on about choosing a Service Desk.  I also posted 2 videos on the MSP Coaching YouTubeChannel. The first video I posted was about passion and the second one was about process. As we end our week together, I would like to talk more about passion and touch on process.

In my opinion, passion in business is a key ingredient to success. If you don’t have the passion to help your clients and to grow your business, you absolutely will not be successful. Many people who choose me as their MSP Coach tell me the reason they chose me is because of the passion I have for helping them. I take that as high praise because I am extremely passionate about what I do and the partners who put their trust in me.

What are you passionate about? Where does that passion come from? Like I asked in my video blog earlier this week; do you know what your clients, customers or prospects are passionate about? If you don’t know, you should get to work and should find out. This could quite possibly give you a competitive edge.

I also spoke this week about process. Technology is all about processes. As managed services providers, we must focus on business process. The best in class MSPs have processes for hiring, marketing, sales, on-boarding new clients, firing bad clients, discharging employees and more. What are your processes? If you don’t have all of your processes documented in your PSA or company handbook, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? No one else is going to create this documentation for your business.

Creating your processes and finding your passion will lead to your personal and professional success.

As I close out today’s blog post, I am saddened to hear of the passing of my friend and former coaching client Eriq Oliver Neale. Eriq was a friend to the SMB community. As a founder of Third Tier and a Microsoft MVP, he gave countless hours of his time to helping others in our community. I will miss seeing Eriq at industry events. Even more, the industry will miss his contributions and his infectious smile. I send my prayers and sympathies to his wife Anna.


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Author: Stuart Selbst