UPDATE: StorageCraft Cuts out Middleman with Latest Announcement

By Frank Gurnee
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June 14, 2012
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Article By Looks Cloudy

Earlier this week we ran a story titled StorageCraft Cuts out Middleman with Latest Announcement, In this story we discussed StorageCraft bringing its own Cloud enabled service to its customer base, and the proximity to the announcement of the eFolder and Dell Appasure partnership announcement Dell and eFolder Assure Your Data is Safe.

I was recently contacted by Laura Goulding, Public Relations/Social Media Manager forStorageCraft Technology Corporation who wanted to clarify and update our readers on certain points or assumptions that were made in the article. Laura wanted us to know that Storagecraft is “not cutting out or abandoning any of our current cloud solution partners.” “Our intent is simply to provide another option for our partner community.” “We pride ourselves on being channel-focused, and that has not changed; the IT channel is still our route to market,” Stated Goulding.

These were responses to our blog title, and are a good clarification, of StorageCraft’s go to market strategy. We are excited to hear that StorageCraft is providing more choice to the channel, but will be focusing heavily on this topic in an interview with Mike Kunz VP of Sales, or Curt James VP of marketing, in the coming weeks.

Goulding went on and also wanted to clarify that, the” announcement is not in response to the eFolder announcement.” “eFolder was leveraging the Dell Storage Summit event to make their announcement, and we leveraged Cloud Expo in the same way.” “We’ve had this announcement in the works for some time, and it’s actually due in large part to the volume of requests we have received from our partners.”

In our article we implied that there may be some relation to the announcement by eFolder and Dell Appassure as a response to this coming announcement by StorageCraft. Though there is no evidence to support this, it was just a theory based on the more direct offering StorageCraft is now providing; Goulding assures us this is not the case.

In the article we asked the question “is StorageCraft working on a hardware appliance”? Goulding provided this statement with regards to this question. “We have no plans to enter into the hardware arena by offering a BDR appliance.”

Looks Cloudy appreciates the response, and has provided several edits to the original story. We are excited to get the opportunity to have a one on one interview with executive staff at StorageCraft. Keep your eyes peeled for the interview to come…

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Author: Frank Gurnee