The Evolution of IT Conferences

By Anthony_Fernandez
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June 12, 2012

Article By Anthony Fernandez

The evolution of IT Conferences is taking place right before us.

The IT Conference market is beginning to shift as vendors are beginning to seeing little to no return when attending.

Many believe this is a big grey area as the typical vendor looks at how much revenue what brought in at the event and what came of those leads in the proceeding weeks.

Where the grey plays a factor is when companies attend those events and learn about your product and months or maybe a year later they purchase. (Believe me this happens more often then not)

Unfortunately, this doesn’t help the companies trying to maintain a profitable business.

With that being said…

I turn to what these vendors are doing to attract customers at the conference.

Most prospects and fellow vendors can probably describe your set up before they even arrive.

  • A booth that is decorated with your logo, tag lone and several value props.
  • Don’t forget the lovely table draped in flyers and swag
  • To close the deal, over-sized screens and laptops replay a product demo (typically puts you to sleep in 20 seconds)

Now after taking a step back , doesn’t exactly sound like Disney. The point is not to recreate Disney, but the key is to create an attraction much like their parks… Essentially a place where prospects want to visit.

So where did the Vendor world go wrong ?

They forgot originality attracts prospects. Time and time again the market leader ConnectWise has me wanting to go to their booth because it is always something timely and unique. Whether your a fan of their product, they do an amazing job marketing themselves. They make customers want to learn more. They tackle the key goal in sales and that is to get your foot in the door.

This originality and entertainment keeps prospects engaged.

So send those booth chicks home and bring out the circus acts. (Not really but you get the idea)

>>>>Let’s take this a step further and venture down the road of what can currently be demanded or changed when signing up for a conference.

Traffic is king and companies hosting these conferences must acknowledge that.

Here are a few ways they can ensure traffic to your booth: 

  • Requiring lunch breakouts on the show floor
  • Have a brief meet and greet with the attendees and clients
  • Introduce Vendors after Opening Keynote
  • Provide Collateral to attendees breaking down the vendors (i.e. PSA, Backup, HaaS, Quoting)
  • Reward attendees that visit every booth
  • Have a drawing for those that turn in a Conference Overview signed by the Vendor
  • Require the attendee list after the show
These are just several suggestions that will drive traffic to your booth. Lets face it, the more traffic, the increased probability you will come across a legitimate prospect.

Are you are needing to change your approach?

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Author: Anthony Fernandez