How to Be a Trustworthy Company That People Like (and Then Buy From)

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
June 12, 2012

Article By Vertical Axion

One of the most important things to consider when running a business is your reputation. No matter how inexpensive your services or of what quality your customer service, if your reputation is no good, then building your customer base can be difficult. In some ways, all you can do is your best. Word of mouth will do the rest. However, there are some things you CAN control. If you can offer unique perspectives and innovative problem solutions, people will come to you for advice – and to buy.

So you want to make more sales? Check out these tips to see if you can become a more trustworthy business.

Become an Expert in a Specific Field

Other than your products and services, what does your company have to offer its customers? Usually the answer is knowledge. If you own a successful diner, you probably have some amazing recipes. If you’re a veterinarian, you probably know which over-the-counter medications are just as good as the prescriptions for dogs and cats. Your knowledge is valuable; it’s time to pass it on.

Make sure you’re consistent. You don’t have to become an expert in every area you have knowledge in. Focus on your niche and run with it.

Keep Yourself Updated

Having a good, basic knowledge of your topic is a good thing. However, the world changes, and as it changes so does the information within your field of expertise. Make sure you keep up with the trends that will affect your customers. Providing a perspective for them when something happens – good or bad – in your field can begin to form the bond between you and your clients.

Don’t Pass Up the Opportunity to Speak in Public

Face-to-face interaction is incredibly powerful. With Tweets and Facebook posts being the main form of communication between people nowadays, talking to people face-to-face can be a relief from all of the text. Not only will speaking in front of an audience boost your reputation, it’ll give you an opportunity to network and meet new people who can help your business. Calls for speakers go out around six months in advance. Start with small events to ‘practice’ and gain some experience. That way, big events won’t be as intimidating.



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