Business is like a horseshoe

By Stuart_Selbst
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June 8, 2012

Article By Stuart Selbst

I attended the Ingram Micro Cloud Summit earlier this week in Scottsdale, AZ. While there, I had the opportunity to catch up with some long time industry leaders including my good friend and mentor, Larry Walsh of The 2112 Group and Channelnomics.

One of the things Larry and I discussed was ways that I, as an MSP Business Coach, and others can truly set themselves apart in business.  Larry talked to me about the, “horseshoe of business.” I’ll try to explain it here.

As you know, a horseshoe is ‘U’ shaped. At one tip of the U, you have quantity and on the other side you have quality. Can you do both? This MSP Coach says no, because if you try to do both, you end up at the bottom of the horseshoe. Allow me to elaborate.

When you approach your business from the quantity perspective you tend to take on any customer who can “fog a mirror” or has a pulse. I have seen many companies in IT brag about how many customers they have. While that that is fantastic what are they really saying and how many clients do they actually have? I believe that if you are working on quantity only that makes you like the McDonalds of your industry. There is nothing wrong with the quantity model, lots of people coming in and out, but no real substance to your end product.  How many billions served today and at what level of service?

At the other side, you have quality. This is where you choose to select the best clients; your “A” clients. In my opinion this is a smarter business model. I would far rather see IT firms succeed with less clients and stronger relationships.  If you are a company operating under the quality model then you are able to sell more to your clients and more prospects will come your way because of what others say about you. In speaking to Larry about this, he really made me think about my MSP Coaching business. He helped me realize that Stuart Selbst Consulting is a quality business. I engage with my clients on a level that allows them to accomplish the goals they set.

As I close out this post, I ask you, what part of the horseshoe is your business?  Are you about quantity or quality? Do the companies that you work with benefit your business or are they just vendors. I believe that when you become more about quality than quantity your business will flourish and you’ll start having more fun each and every day with your clients, staff and most importantly you can enjoy your life.

All the best for quality and success,


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Author: Stuart Selbst