Why Gaming in the Cloud Equals More Business Sales

By vmazek
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June 7, 2012

Article By Looks Cloudy

Technology has become the hub of many consumer homes. Whether it is an integrated Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, Roku, connected Blu-Ray player, or a connected television set; these devices have bridged a gap between the traditional set-top box, game console, media player, and communication device. All of these devices have now been packed into a single unit, the ability to connect to a television, to create the ultimate entertainment solution, and the ultimate service.

There have been a number of high profile announcements that have come out of the E3Expo, currently underway in Los Angeles, CA. One of these announcements that caught the attention of Looks Cloudy was an announcement between Samsung Smart TV and Gaikai Inc., introducing cloud gaming to the line of Samsung’s Smart TV’s. Gaikai has created a platform that allows a true gaming experience with proven, well known game titles, with proven game giants such as Sega, Capcom, Ubisoft, and EA just to name a few.

This announcement seems to fall right in line with the future of these integrated devices, and creates a complete service based entertainment solution for consumers. So why is this significant for business services? As adoption of complete service based models increases in the consumer space, the transition to businesses becomes less about education and more about choice. Making easy analogies between cloud services in the home, and cloud services in businesses, creates a simple and understandable way to convey the cloud message.

An example of this might be, when talking to a potential customer about Hosted Exchange; “You know how you are able to watch Netflix, anywhere you go, on any device?” “Wouldn’t you like to have that same type of access with your business email or applications?”  That’s what the cloud does for you!

The entertainment hub is paving the way for cloud services. Streaming video, music, communicating, and now gaming, are driving awareness, and getting consumers used to new delivery and payment methods for software and services. Just as we have seen physical media vanishing from shelves, in no time we will see antiquated hardware, physical servers, and a slew of devices disappear from businesses. The cloud fits the small business mindset and budget, and has a winning combination that meets a small business’s needs.  This includes low overhead, low deployment costs, minimal if any hardware investment, and no out of pocket expenses. The cloud is here…

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Author: Frank Gurnee