Will Windows 8 be the next ME/Vista?

By vmazek
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June 6, 2012

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Windows 8 is poised right in the spot that has been held by every other, not so successful Microsoft OS launch, namely Microsoft ME and Microsoft Vista most recently. Early reviews of Windows 8 have been positive, but traditionally, early adopters and beta testers have often praised the early releases.

Windows 8 brings a complete revamp of the OS from look, feel, interface, all the way through to social interaction. This is one of the main reasons I think it will not be as successful as expected. If you look at the past, each of the aforementioned products brought a new look and feel to the windows experience.

Businesses tend to be slow moving to new operating systems, especially complete OS redesigns. The reasons for this are numerous, but essentially it takes precious time to deploy, train, and implement new software. Time and productivity equates to money, which in a down economy or any economy for that matter, does not scream upgrade.

It is standard practice for many MSP (Managed Service Providers) or IT solution providers to not even consider an OS upgrade for business clients until at least Service Pack 1 has been released. Again looking to the past, providers have become smart about not deploying early software due to the impact that it may have on their business customers.

New OS’s mean new or incompatible drivers, Line of Business Software incompatibilities, Hardware issues, and massive employee training. Though it may be that Microsoft is setting Windows 8 up to be a consumer launch, even consumers tend to have a hard time with OS redesigns. This holds true to even Windows 7 and other products such as Office, where I know I still have to search Google, to figure out how to do something I did all the time in the last version.

Windows 8, from all of the hype, seems that it will revolutionize the future of the OS. For this reason I think it will be a flop. The most recent successful OS’s XP, and Windows 7, came only after introductions of redesigns through not so successful launches, and Windows 8 sits right in line with these, to be cast aside to the “Island of Misfit Toys”.

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Author: Frank Gurnee