Is there really opportunity marketing BDR?

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
June 6, 2012

Article By Stuart Crawford

I am sure there is somewhere.  But where?  Do business owners really care about backup and data recovery (BDR).  I believe deep down inside they do care about the integrity and security of their data. As a business owner, I am concerned about my information.  After all, information is the blood that travels along the veins of my business.

But is BDR enough for me to take time away from my office to attend an event put on by one of our local managed services providers?  Probably not.  But here is what I know to be true after speaking with my peers in St. Catharines at different business events around town.  They all expect their IT teams or IT services providers to take care of the integrity of their data. That means  the IT pros ensure that everything is backed up and safe.  My peers just assume that their teams or service providers are backing up all data on site and taking critical business data off site to a secure facility. If these IT professionals would ever lose any information, even the slightest amount, my peers said they would look for new IT professionals immediately.

Marketing backup services and business continuity is important. We never know  when something might go wrong. After all, even the best business professionals and leaders make mistakes once in a while. Without a system in place to ensure that critical company data are properly backed up, safely stored and fully recoverable whenever needed, a business leader is, essentially, playing Russian roulette with his company and everyone’s livelihood. Knowing how much damage even the smallest amount of data loss can do to a business, many of my peers in St. Catharines said they would fire their IT specialists for losing any amount of data.

I expect my accountant to file my taxes on my behalf with Revenue Canada.  I expect my lawyer to file my corporate return for me annually.  I just assume they are doing these things. If those things it didn’t happen, I would be slightly upset.  So, why do so many MSPs fail to include backup services as part of their packages and leave themselves exposed in such a manner?  I say, include it; market it; and sell against the intelligence that many IT firms are not including any sort of expedient data recovery solutions.

Take your Hot 100 list and share with them quarterly a regular backup and recovery message that you’ve created. . Sure, you can go outside of your HOT100. But remember to remain consistent with your HOT100 list and never stop marketing to these 100 companies that you have indicated to be your best prospects.

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Author: Stuart R. Crawford