Building Customer Relationships

By Anthony_Fernandez
In Marketing
June 6, 2012

Article By Anthony Fernandez

As companies struggle to keep their doors open, the ones that are in business are struggling on maintaining and building customer relationships.

The battle of bringing in new business versus maintaining your current customer base content is real and companies are facing it everyday.

Many businesses have turned their attention to NEW Business and shifted their focus away from their existing customers.

Let me Explain..

No longer are businesses hiring personelle to reach out to their existing customer base to see how the product/service is working out and if they need any further assist.

***It’s time to make our customers and clients feel like they are with the right company.

Most companies hire a sales person to achieve one objective, reach for their pocket books and hopefully close business.

Unfortunately, that sends up alarms for every consumer.

Focus on your Relationship and build report!

When building up the foundation of a solid relationship, the possibilities are endless. Why?

  • Customer feels you have their best interest in mind
  • Certain level of security/reassurance
  • Ability to bring down the front or wall that is up
  • Ability to establish a common ground and build a stronger overall business venture/partnership
  • Comfort to reach out to for additional business or advice in general

Establishing a strong relationship can really determine the extent to which the person does business. I know personally it makes me feel at ease when I can trust and relate to the sales person.

i.e. Got a sales call today from the Local Newspaper. The woman read from the script and literally didn’t miss a bet. I cut her off and asked a few questions and failed to deliver on several attempts to answer my pain points. On top of that, I dropped subtle hints about myself and she didn’t care to at least acknowledge or elaborate on those topics.

A sales call that can deviate a little off the business topic usually makes the person feel like

“Damn, they didn’t call just for my money.”

Build the relationship and…

You will soon see your clientèle grow and your pocket books grow!

Anthony F.

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Author: Anthony Fernandez