Is Internet Explorer IE9+ the Y2K for Web Developers?

By vmazek
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June 5, 2012

Article By Looks Cloudy

In an earlier post on Looks Cloudy we talked about how Internet Explore has been dethroned as the king of web browsers in “Google Chrome is now Bigger than Internet Explorer”. In that article we pointed out the fact that many websites are not compatible with IE9 and above, and that many developers have shied away from developing separately, for a platform that renders differently than other web browsers.

This got us thinking of the opportunity, albeit overreaction of Y2k, and the rise in preparedness and sales that IT companies benefitted from the Y2k explosion. It is a fact that even though many people have, and will continue to move to other browsers, Microsoft will continue to hold a good share of the browser market.

It would seem that now would be a good time, for web developers to carve out a niche, and market, based around compatibility. There are a number of tools online that will let businesses check website compatibility, just search for keywords “browser compatibility tool” in your favorite search engine. Interestingly enough we found many of these tools, even some of the most well known, did not have IE9 compatibility.

By utilizing a compatibility tool, web designers can narrow their marketing efforts to just those companies that have compatibility issues, providing the biggest return for marketing dollars spent. Given the amount of sites that have cross browser compatibility issues, it would seem that this just may be a scenario in which companies may start to see lost sales, or lost customers, due to the inability for certain users to utilize their web platforms.

This may not be an opportunity on the magnitude of Y2k, but it just may be a way to create a new stream of revenue, provide awareness to clients and businesses, allow web design businesses to focus their marketing efforts, and fill their pipeline with new projects. If we learned anything from Y2k, we learned there is opportunity in compatibility. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by…

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Author: Frank Gurnee