What is a Closer in Sales? How do I Become a Closer?

By Anthony_Fernandez
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June 4, 2012

Article ByAnthony Fernandez

Well if your reading this you have tackled the first step and that is you have to want to expand your knowledge.

But before we get into what makes a “Good Sales Person” or “A Closer”

What is a Closer in Sales?

What makes you a “Closer”?


someone that can close the sale. Sell anything to anybody at anytime.closer

Jim… damn that’s a lot of paper.(tickets) scott. I sell everyone that walks through the door. jim. that’s why your the closer fo real yo. scott. I’m just handling my business

Courtesy of the Urban Dictionary (Link)

So now that we know that “A Closer”is someone who can close the sale..

How do I Become A Closer?

1.) Tap into your personality 
  • Be more than just a sales pitch, show them who you are
  • Tap into what makes you .. well you
  • Give them your personal touch

2.) Give yourself an identity

  • You are more than a fancy title and a few good one liners
  • Make them remember “Your name” versus “That one Sales Guy”

3.) You have to want it

  • You can not duplicate hunger and passion
  • You have to want to close the client/customer/prospect
  • Keep in mind your goals and what this sale symbolizes
4.) Learn what the client wants
  • Do not Generalize!
  • Make it as custom and as tailored as possible
  • Cost Aside: A man rather wear a tailored suit vs generic suit seperates

5.) Don’t be afraid to be Aggressive

  • Some folks need that extra push or guidance
  • Aggressive sales does not mean to push your client over the edge
  • Don’t be afraid to ask that “lingering question” or that question the average sales person won’t ask to uncover the clients needs

6.) Ask for the sale

  • If you do not ask, you will never know the answer
  • Sometimes clients need to be asked or they will put it off
  • This is a great way to see where they are in the sales process

7.) Maintain Professionalism

  • While desperate times call for desperate measures, a closer always presents themselves as a professional
  • Keep it classy no matter the responses from the prospect
  • If the client pushes, do not push back unless it is an aggressive approach to close

8.) Don’t compromise your ethics

  • A closer does not give in and “Lie” to make a sale
  • This is typically only for those who are struggling to make a sale (not a good look)
  • Stay true to company policy and your overall morals
9,) Be Persistent 
  • Stay on top of the prospect
  • Remember “Out of sight, Out of mind”
  • Make sure they do not have any outstanding questions
10.) Follow Up
  • After the sale has wrapped up, follow up with the client to make sure everything is running smoothly
  • This is an easy way to get referrals
  • Make sure the client knows You care
11.) There is no substitute for Working Hard/Smart
  • To be a closer you must put in the time
  • You must maximize your time in the office and find the most efficient way to reach your prospects
  • Do not re-invent the wheel
  • Find a quick process that works
12.) Learn to Qualify the Prospects
  • Question the prospect to gauge their level of interest
  • Gives insight if the client is just shopping or wants to move forward
  • If they are interested, make sure to “Strike while the Iron is hot”
13.) Excuses are just Road Blocks
  • Make rebuttals your best friend
  • Do not let a rebuttal slow your sales process down
  • An excuse on why you can’t close a sale is you trying to convince yourself why its okay why it did not close

Hope you Found these suggestions helpful. Some of you may find these to be obvious, but I see on a daily basis where we forget to apply these tips.

I in no way am I saying that I am a closer, I simply have noted what closer’s have done over my years in sales.

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Author: Anthony Fernandez