Oracle Announces Cloud Solution, What This Means for SMB’s…

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June 4, 2012

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This years D10 “All Things Digital” conference in California brought together many of the top leaders in the technical space. In particular, Larry Ellison CEO of Oracle was on hand to announce the June 6 arrival of its much anticipated, and long-time coming cloud based solution. The solution, which Ellison stated, “took us six to seven years to rewrite everything to the cloud” will be a fully integrated suite and will be completely cloud based.

This news comes as large technology companies such as Microsoft, continue to embrace and push the cloud message to consumers. Though companies like Oracle mainly sell to the enterprise space, Oracle and Ellison have a huge media following.

So what does this all mean for the SMB solution provider? There is no doubt that consumer awareness of “The Cloud” is becoming more prevalent. Demand and questions around cloud-based solutions have been trickling through to the SMB space from customers, and have sparked a renewed interest in technology.

Even though “The Cloud” is nothing new, there is continued resistance from many small IT solution providers to bring these products into the light for their customers. Traditionally, this resistance comes from a fear of change, lack of time to research solutions, or providers think it is still unproven technology.

Companies such as OWN Web Now have evolved their products to address these issues and concerns from IT solution providers. Own’s newly announced Exchange Defender Managed Messaging Solution, does just that, by providing a completely “done for you” service from installation, setup, and support all the way through to billing. This makes the cloud transition easy and allows providers to bring an entire cloud solution to their clients, without having to take time to research, learn, or support new platforms.

Cloud solutions are past their infancy; corporate marketing strategies, as well as a drive for consumer awareness has spurred resurgence in technology questions from customers. IT solution providers should ride the marketing wave set forth by companies such as Oracle and Microsoft, and start providing cloud solutions to the SMB space now.

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Author: Frank Gurnee