How to Save Time When Managing Social Media

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
June 4, 2012

Article By Vertical Axion

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Since they’re all separate sites, they all require separate updates and in some cases, separate content. Sometimes all of the updating can get overwhelming, especially since two to three posts per day is ideal on any social media platform. So how can someone who’s busy doing a lot of different things for their company manage social media, too?

Since dropping social media isn’t usually a good solution, here are a few other ideas that can help you save time when managing all of your social media platforms.

Use Combination Tools

Seesmic Ping is a program that allows you to update multiple statuses at the same time. As long as all of your accounts are registered to Seesmic Ping, they all receive the update. You can even choose to update one or two of your accounts with a specific status instead of all of them. The only place where this tool fails to be perfect is when it comes to posting articles, pictures, or other forms of media; Seesmic Ping doesn’t have any way to do that yet.

Alternatively, you can use programs like SocialOomph, which lets you manage multiple Twitter accounts. You can track keywords and even schedule tweets with this program, which means you can post content weeks ahead of time if you need to.

Hire Someone Else to Do It

It takes a lot of effort to become someone who can manage social media correctly. There’s always something new to know, and knowing it takes time and research. When it comes right down to it, the best option for a busy company owner is often to hire someone else to do the work for them. Even better than hiring just anyone is hiring a professional. That way they can not only manage all of your social media for you, but they can make sure they optimize it as well to get the most use out of it. Plus, if you pay on commission or hourly instead of salary, it doesn’t have to be all that expensive.

Designate Time, Then Move On

If you still want to do social media yourself, don’t spend too much time on it. Designate an hour or so in the morning to post and update all of your accounts, and an hour or so at night or midday as well. This way, you have posts that a wider audience will see – some people use Facebook earlier in the day and some don’t – and you’ll have made sure you kept the time you spent at a reasonable amount.


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