Who is in your Top 100 list?

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
June 3, 2012

Article By Stuart Crawford

How many companies are you marketing to?  If you are like many IT companies globally, everyone is a prospect, and everyone is the perfect client for you.  This is so far from the truth; every business is not ideal for you, nor is every company a possible prospect.

During my coaching sessions with the clients of Ulistic, we are now taking a different approach.  We are putting together lists of 100 businesses or possible opportunities that in a perfect world, if all of these organizations signed up with us, life would be grand.

We call this list our “HOT 100.” It’s the official list of companies to which we market our services.  They are on our direct mailing list, our call-down list, and our  newsletter. We invite them to all of our events.  Now, with this HOT 100 list, we can focus our marketing efforts and channel funds and resources on getting in front of these ideal clients.

So, tell me, are you marketing to the universe, or are you selecting a unique list of companies  that really are your ideal prospects?  My advice as your trusted marketing professional is this: stop the spray and pray approach. Take aimed shots at the prospects you want to work with.  Think of a sniper single-handedly taking shots in a combat zone. This is how you must approach your marketing as well.

For those of you who have taken the step to go vertical in your IT businesses, good for you. You can apply this principle to your verticals as well.  Create a HOT 100 list for each of your vertical markets.  Take the Top 100 lawyers needing legal IT support or the Top 100 medical clinics that could use your healthcare IT support services.

This becomes your marketing list forever!  The only way someone is taken off the list is when he becomes a client or tells you directly to bugger off.  If this doesn’t occur, you never take that prospect off the list.  For instance, I had companies start to use our IT services at IT Matters 5 years after they made it onto the list.

BTW, if a company calls you that is not on your list, you can determine if it’s a good fit for your business. Remember, not every business is right for you.

Having a HOT 100 list doesn’t mean you stop issuing press releases, marketing online and networking with business colleagues.  The HOT 100 list means that you spend a significant amount of your marketing budget on pursuing these ideal prospects.

Do you need help with your MSP marketing?  Are you ready to focus your aim?  Then contact Ulistic and see how we can work together.

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Stuart Crawford

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Author: Stuart R. Crawford